Sunday, 28 October 2012


Autumn is here and we couldn't find any better way of welcoming it than going to see its colours. Today Esteban and I went to Montseny with family and friends to mushroom hunt and have a cosy traditional lunch... although we weren't too successful with the mushrooms we did have a good lunch and a nice day off.
We had lunch at El molí de les Pipes, near Arbucies. The food wasn't spectacular (my grandma's is much much better), but we got the taste of the season and the location couldn't have been better... near a little river, surrounded by yellowish and brownish trees.
After lunch we drove down to Arbucies to have some coffee and look around the market. We had some chestnuts (very very tipical), made right in front of us and after that it was time to go back home. Autumn is probably my favourite season, it's a shame it's so short here...

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